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Checking for new voicemail messages can be a hassle. Sometimes you don't even have a phone available from which to check voicemail. But if you have a computer and Internet connection, voicemail will come to your email inbox. Here's how to make it happen…

Send Voicemail to Email

voicemail to email If you're like me, you tend to organize your life around your email inbox. It's your source of news, your connection to friends and collegeaues, and your to-do list as well. So why not have your voicemails in your email as well? Sign up for a virtual voicemail service, and it's just a click away.

When you use a virtual voicemail service, your voice messages are recorded and stored in digital audio files on the hard drives of servers. Voicemail files are no different from MP3 audio files or any other kind of file that you can attach to an email message and send to an email address. Voicemail to email is very easy, from a technology standpoint.

It's just as easy for the end user. You just set up, through a Web-based interface, the phone number(s) whose voicemail you want forwarded to email, and the email address(es) to which each phone number's voicemail should be sent. Often, you can specify time ranges during which voicemail should be forwarded to a work email address, a home email address, etc. So your voicemail will follow you automatically as you move around each day.

If you have your email program open all the time (and who doesn't?) and set to automatically check for new messages every few minutes, then you will receive emails with voicemail files attached along with all the rest of your email. There are several things you can do with voicemail audio files.

Generally, just click the file attachment to play it over your computer's speakers or headphones. Your computer's audio player should open (most likely Window Media Player, iTunes, or Quicktime) and the voice message will begin playing.

If you're not sure how it works on a practical level, with YOUR computer and email program, here's a way to test it out. Visit this voicemail to email test drive page, enter your email address, and click SEND. A sample voicemail message will arrive in your email inbox, and you can make sure the playback works.

You can also save the voicemail file to your hard drive, as a record of the call and for playback later. You can forward a voicemail file attachment to another email address, just as you would with any other file. You could even transfer your voicemail to a portable audio player, or edit it with audio editing software. The free Audacity software can edit audio clips and save in a variety of formats.

Some voicemail-to-email services, like Google Voice, will attempt to translate the audible speech of a voicemail into text, and email the text translation to you. Often, the accuracy of such translations is not perfect, but the message can still be interpreted accurately. If you wish to hear the voicemail, you can go to the Google Voice Web site and play it, or download the voicemail file to your computer.

Voicemail to email is a close cousin to voicemail to text conversion. Some mobile phones may not receive email, but they can do text messaging. Speech-to-text translation is necessary, obviously, with the imperfections noted above.

All of your voicemail messages are archived on the service provider's server. You can go to the provider's Web site to download, delete, and otherwise manage stored voicemails. Some services delete old voicemails after so many months, while others give you a storage allotment and delete the oldest messages to make room for newer ones, if necessary. Voicemail-to-email is a flexible, versatile business productivity tool, and a very cool personal app.

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Posted by Bob Rankin on April 21, 2010 01:24 PM

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