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Setting up voicemail when you first get the service takes a bit of attention and planning, if you want to do it right. Of course, you could simply do nothing except enter a new PIN number to activate your voicemail service. Callers, typically, will get a mechanical voice reciting your phone number, followed by standard instructions to leave a message, and then a beep. That's not very polite, or helpful. Here's how to do it right...

Voicemail Setup Tips

Voicemail Setup Tips Recording a customized voicemail greeting is important. Often, people don't recognize the number of an incoming call; if they don't hear a recognizable name when they call back they may well hang up. A custom voicemail greeting can be as simple as,

"Hi, this is (insert name), you know what to do..."

It doesn't pay to get too fancy or cute with voicemail greetings. No one wants to hear you burp, or the first 90 seconds of your current favorite song, before they get to leave you a message. So keep it short and sweet, unless you're trying to discourage the leaving of voicemail messages.

Business voicemail greetings should be as succinct as possible while telling callers how to reach whoever or whatever they want. Professional voicemail greeting recording services are available to help you write a script and even record the greeting with professional voice actors. It can be worth the investment if you want to project the best phone image possible.

Optional Voicemail Features

Voicemail groups are handy for business or personal voicemail users. A voicemail group is a list of phone numbers that belong to people who have something in common; i. e., "family," "customers," "bill collectors," etc. Your voicemail service can be programmed to handle calls from members of a voicemail group in a specified way. For example, bill collectors can be told, "the number you have reached is not in service," while calls from family members are forwarded to you with a special ring pattern or ringtone. Voicemail groups are set up by creating a group name and adding phone numbers to the group, either manually or by just pressing a button to add the last incoming call's number to the group.

Call forwarding is great if it's managed properly, or it can result in missed calls. If you set up voicemail to forward calls to another number, remember to change that number when you move to a new location.

Listen carefully to the setup options when managing call forwarding. You may be able to give the caller choices such as, "press 1 to leave a message or 2 to look for (you)." Another option often provided by voicemail services is to tell callers from unfamiliar numbers, or numbers whose caller-ID data is blocked, that you do not accept voicemail or calls from unidentifiable callers and then hang up on them. The first "find me" option is useful with customer voicemail groups, while the latter is handy for avoiding telemarketers and bill collectors.

It can take several minutes to set up voicemail options correctly and professionally. But once set up, most options remain the same. Then you will get more voicemail you want and less of what you don't want.

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Posted by Bob Rankin on June 3, 2010 10:02 PM

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